Manushi ( Hair Protein Pack )  -  100 Grams

Shambhavi ( Hair Growth Pack )  -  100 Grams


Chemical Free , Preservative Free , No Added Colour , Cruelty Free


Hair Growth Kit

₹1,160.00 Regular Price
₹928.00Sale Price
  • Enriched with natural proteins and vitamins, it enhances the reconstruction of hair which has been damaged by excessive usage of chemicals or heat treatment. This mask creates a protective sheet on your hair. When left on the hair for some time, it repairs the scalp and fills up the holes near the hair cuticle.

  • Shambhavi is a hair growth therapy which is being prescribed in Ayurveda for dull, lifeless hair and weak scalp for centuries. It’s concentrate includes Brahmi, Zeodary, Jatamansi, Amla, and amongst many others. The elaborate ritual of Shambhavi’s application might seem cumbersome process in today’s time, but if followed patiently it promises you long, healthy, and beautiful hair. 


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