Sweetrush Mild Mask  -  50 Grams

Peethi Ubtan  -  50 Grams


Chemical Free , Preservative Free , No Added Colour , Cruelty Free

Acne & Spot Corrector Kit

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₹598.40Sale Price
  • Made with pure ingredients, this pack penetrates deep into the skin and mildly rinses off clogged pores and affected areas. Use this product for Bacterial and hormonal acne. The gentle ingredients of this pack soothe the skin and minimize the pain. Also cleanses the stubborn dead skin, acne marks, tanning, and excess pigmentation.

  • Peethi  - Timeless Beauty Treatment For Bride  also called Ubtan is used for the body and face as mentioned in Ayurveda- Indian traditional medicine system. It is used to detoxify the skin and body. It exfoliates the skin by removing the dead cells, enhances the Complexion, Removes Tan & Blemishes, Balances the PH of the skin, Tightens the open pores, Reduces hair growth, Slows down the aging process, has antifungal and antibacterial properties.


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